Pastor Appreciation


“As a pastor for over 25 years, I share both a life’s calling and a personal desire to give the best spiritual care to those entrusted to my ministry.  Occasionally, a crisis occurred, a situation developed, or a need arose which extended beyond my scope of training and expertise.  While having compassion for those in need, and wanting to offer help and give direction, credible, Christ-centered, trustworthy resources were often difficult to locate, or I felt uneasy referring to secular sources.

Now, as a professional pastoral counselor and licensed clinical therapist, I am excited to connect services such as these with pastors and churches, to assist and support the care they give and the work they do with people in need.  It is my hope with the introduction of the “Church Care Package,” pastors can feel assured the resource they consult and to whom they refer, shares their same faith-based approach with experienced professional care.”

-Rev. Gary Jacobs  D. Min., MSW, LSW
Life Way clinical therapist, pastoral counselor


We invite you to access the following services and resources to benefit your own professional support of others in your pastoral care, wether they are on staff, members of your congregation, or for your own personal health and well being.


Services and Quantity

Consultations (30-minute phone/email/video conferences per year)
6 per church

Confidentially access a professional counselor during business hours to discuss personal health and wellness concerns, or seek information regarding crisis or conflict management, diagnosis, treatment and approach issues, or suggestions for referral resources.

Assessments (phone, email, or counseling center appointment)
1 per staff                 

Individual, couple, or family assessments with a professionally licensed therapist. These assessments may be used for your own personal or professional concerns, or awarded to others in your household, staff, or congregation.  Assessments are meetings to determine the extent of one’s overall wellness, or the nature and scope of a presenting problem with recommendations for approach to appropriate care.  In some cases, pastoral staff may choose to attend with a person/family in their care to receive assistance in developing an effective treatment plan.